Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another Awesome Cause.

Mck Mama is having an awesome raffle/contest. This one has a humdinger of a prize (A Canon Rebel SLR camera, with zoom lens, designer bag, and designer strap) And it's all to benefit "String of Pearls" , along with 2 other charities.

You can click the button below to go see what it's all about, and I'll be adding the button to my sidebar.

Those of you who know me know how directly and personally this effects me. I showed the contest to my niece today and she was VERY touched by the thought of people donating to String of Pearls. She brought over her SOP Keepsake box today to show me what they had given her. I was impressed and touched by the things in that box. Things that my niece will cherish forever, and things that will help her through the first days, weeks and months. You can bet that I'll be donating, but I want you to know, that if I win that camera I will be giving it to my niece, because it would arrive just in time for her to learn to take pictures of Baby Mason. You can read more about my niece here and here.

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