Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Small Fryday" Contest on Saturday!

Hey, anyone out there? Mck Mama is having a contest on her BLOG. My understanding is that she wants to drum up some HYPE because later on she wants to raise some money for String Of Pearls. Now, before you say forget it and move on, let me just say how much the SOP organization means to me personally. SOP is an organization that gets families through an unfavorable prenatal diagnosis, prenatal hospice. At this very moment my sweet niece is being helped by SOP. They are helping her get through the remainder of her pregnancy, arranging funeral details, getting together momentos for her to remember her sweet Mason, and they will stay in contact with her for the next 2 years.

So, no, Mck Mama's contest this minute has nothing to do with money, but it's getting the word out, and it couldn't be for a better organization in my opinion.

OK, I'll admit, I'm also hoping to win today's contest for some filters for my camera!

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