Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friday Five.

I just now decided to devote Fridays to FIVE things that I am truly grateful for, and FIVE things that I am in prayer for. I don't really know how many readers are out there, but please feel free to post a comment if you want to join me.

Five things I'm truly grateful for...
1. My husband. I know that I am hard to live with and he puts up with me so well, but he's also faithful, kind, serving (I could learn a lot about being a servant from him!), hard-working and gentle.

2. My children were not harmed by ingesting Pulmicort respules today. This may come up again on Monday. But, I really praise the Lord that Pulmicort is not harmful if swallowed.

3. My new friend. She knows who she is and we had an incredible time smashing pitchers and being real this week. And an incredible time recapping our thoughts tonight. Did I mention she has an incredible voice? No, well, she does!

4. New life. By that I mean babies!! Baby Stellan. Baby Gage. And other new babies born to friends recently. There is nothing like the sweetness of a new baby, and they are all miracles!

5. String of Pearls. This organization is walking alongside my niece as she journeys through the unthinkable journey of Trisomy 18. They have taken a huge weight off me personally, by doing the things that I would have been doing for my niece in the midst of grief. Not to mention what they are doing for HER!

Five things I'm in prayer for...

1. Three friends whose marriages are in very serious struggles.

2. My son struggling in school and at home with focussing and accomplishing the tasks set before him. And the wisdom to deal with him.

3. Three friends who have been suddenly, surprisingly diagnosed with cancer.

4. One friend who lost twins at 22 weeks in August, and her struggle to grieve the loss. Also, her decisions about the future.

5. The empty rental across the street from us. I caught myself the other day, as I saw a car driving slowly past, judging the unseen people in the car just by the kind of car it was, and hoping they wouldn't be my new neighbors. I instantly felt such conviction of my attitude of only wanting neighbors that would fit my mold of what neighbors should be. It was only last year that my daughter's now best friend moved into that same house, and only a few months ago that she accepted Jesus into her heart. What kind of opportunity to share Jesus with someone else would I miss if I had my own selfish way. Lord forgive me for my fear of reaching out to people who may not be just like me. Fill that house with people who need to see your love through me.

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