Friday, November 28, 2008

Ten Years Ago.

Hard to imagine, but ten years ago I became a mother of twin boys! Here's their story:

Since we had experienced several years of infertility before being able to concieve our daughter, we went back to the doctor sooner than we wanted for fear that conception would again take a long time. I remember distinctly the drive, telling my husband on the way that I had a "gut feeling" we would have twins. It was asuch a strong feeling I told everyone. It was, "If we have twins... this" and "If we have twins... that" for months. Four months to be exact. On the fourth month of clomid, my period was late. My husband brought an HPT (home pregnancy test) home from work. I took it and the line was very dark for a positive! I suspected twins.

At an ultra sound at 7 weeks, I told my feltility doctor about my gut feeling and asked him to double check for twins. He did, but that day we only saw one heartbeat. Ok, I must be crazy! When I told my best friend, she told me that the ultra sound was wrong, that God had told her I was having twins. Ok, SHE's crazy! Three weeks later I was released from my fertility doctor to see my regular OB/GYN.

At my first visit the nurse (a friend of my mother) offered to do an ultra sound just for fun. Much to my surprise, because I believed the first ultra sound, we saw 2 sacs, 2 heartbeats, 4 arms, and 4 legs. Even though I had been feeling that gut feeling for months, I was shocked.

Later in my pregnancy an NST (non-stress test) showed that Twin "B" was not doing well. And my OB hospitalized me for observation for the duration of the pregnancy, a whole 3 LONG days!

On November 28 the nurse woke me at 6 am to tell me that Twin "B" was going downhill and that he needed to be born right away. Since they didn't expect he would tolerate labor they prepped me for a c-section. At 8:03 Twin "A", Thaddeus Russell, was born. And just one minute later Twin "B", Timothy Allen, entered the world!

They were born at 34.5 weeks gestation weighing 4 pounds 10 ounces and 4 pounds 4 ounces respectively. Timothy had very low blood counts, but after 2 units of blood, he turned around quickly and we waited for them to learn to feed and to grow.

I can hardly believe ten years have passed already. They are active, healthy, growing, fun, artistic, athletic, caring, helpful boys! And, we are SO blessed to have had 10 years to love on them! Happy Birthday, boys!!!


  1. Happy Birthday! I personally have been saying for years November 28th should be a national is my birthday too! Along with my uncle, great grandfather, dear friend, cousin-in-law(is there such a thing?) and a few others!! Happy birthday~