Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Five.

Five things I'm grateful for...
1. Healing from past hurts.

2. My friends who let me be a huge basket case without laughing me out the door!

3. My husband, the love of my life, who puts the toilet seat down every single time, who loves and accepts me warts and all!

4. We had no more incidents of possible poisonings with our 3 year old this week, although he has already figured out the new child safety locks we put on the cupboard.

5. Answered prayer. I learned this week that God is most definitely moving in one of the marriages that I have been praying for. Which brings me to..

Five things I'm in prayer for...
1. The same three marriages as last week. Marriage is SO important and it seems to me that marriage is under constant attack from the enemy.

2. Wisdom in parenting a very challenging 3 year old, and patience, patience, patience!

3. Friends who have been laid off or whose jobs hang in the balance of this tenuous economy.

4. Angie's friends who are trying to adopt.

5. Twin girls in Cambodia who God has laid on our hearts to pray for, and who if given the chance we would love to adopt into our own family.

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