Monday, November 17, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday.

It's that time of week again. I do look forward to being completely honest with you about the things I did not do this week. This little carnival was started by Mck Mama over at my charming kids. You can click the button above to read all about it.

This week I did not have a horrible week. My babies threw me a birthday party to beat all, if you remember.(I did not turn 39!) Two days later I did not allow my 3 year old to go into the baby's room thinking "They've already gotten into and used everything in there, so it should be safe." I did not go check on them a few minutes later and find that they had been into the baby's prescription Pulmicort, and emptied 4 respules, somewhere. I did not panic and start crying and pleading with my 3 year old to tell me what he had done with the medicine. I did not call my husband in a panic and I did not call poison control in the same panic that my babies may or may not have ingested those respules. I did not feel like a complete failure as a mother. Nope, Not me!

The next day I did not try my very best to make sure that my 3 year old was with me every minute that he was awake. When I went upstairs to make breakfast I did not find 7 empty bubbles in the package of 12 hour extended release Sudafed, with one slighty wet, sticky pill on the shelf next to them. I did not go into hysterics. I did not call my husband again screaming and crying unintelligibly. It did not take him 10 minutes to decipher what I said and tell me that there had only been one pill left in the package. Again, not me!

Later that day when I took the baby to the pediatrician to have a rash checked out, I did NOT spend more time talking to the nurse about the 3 year old's sudden naughty streak than I did about the baby's rash. I did not cry on her shoulder in utter desperation. I did not feel better when I left the office, despite the diagnosis that the rash was viral and there was nothing we could do for it. I'm a great mom and I have it all together, so that was definitely NOT ME!

We did not subsequently put a lock on the outside of the 3 year old's bedroom door.

And the next day with FOUR adults in attendance my 3 year old did not find the key to my daughter's locked bedroom, open her door and find super glue for her fake nails and try tasting it and get it on his hands. It did not make me feel better that 3 other adults could not keep a better eye on the 3 year old than I could. Oh, actually, that's true, it did not make me feel better!

That concludes this week's "Not Me!" post!

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  1. Oh my goodness what a week! Your a great mommy! kids get into everything!