Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday.

I'm beginning to really like these "Not Me!" Mondays! Mck Mama started them and you can click over to her blog to read a carnival of "Not Me" posts. And post your own if you choose.

Today, I am not making Christmas cards that I started over four years ago. I do not procrastinate that long in making and sending greetings to my friends and family. It has not been 6 years since I mailed a Christmas card to anyone. Nope, not me!

I am not getting excited about Christmas, and I have not procrastinated on our Christmas shopping. Of course, I have my act all together and have got all my shopping done. I would never wait until the last minute, nope, not me!!!

This past week I did not wait until Wednesday to send birthday party inviations out for a Saturday birthday party, that was NOT ME!!!

Adding one more. I could not have been third on the "Not ME!" list last night. I did not get distracted by talking to my friend because I could not come up with any "not me's", and so go to bed without posting and missing my chance. Not Me!

I hope you had fun this week! I'm sure glad I didn't do all those things! I'm also SO glad that we truly did not have any more poisoning scares this week! Praise God!

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