Monday, November 3, 2008

My Own "Not Me!" Monday.

It appears that Mck Mama will not be having a "Not Me!" Monday today, but that isn't going to prevent me from doing my own. Feel free to join in with your own "Not Me's".

I did not volunteer to be "Fred October" for the youth group's annual scavenger, "Hunt for Fred October", nor did I come up with the idea of dressing myself as a punk rocker with a mohawk. I did not spend 2 hours using way too much gel and hairspray to get my shoulder-length hair to stay in a mohawk shape. I did not spend $46 to buy leather dog collars, black make-up, and Goth jewelery for one night of fun. That would be wasteful. And I did not save the packaging to be able to return the dog collarsafter wearing them once. That would be cheap. Nope, it was not me.

I did not go out in public dressed this way. If you saw someone in Cold Stone that looked like this, it was not me! I did not sit here for an hour waiting for kids to find me and ask me if I was Fred. Nope, not me!

I did not stay all night at the Lock-in, because I am not a night person. I did not thouroughly enjoy playing games and watching movies with the youth. I was not afraid to watch "The Village" with the kids, because scary, thillers do not give me nightmares.

Despite what anyone tells you, I did not fall asleep at the Lock-in and wake up late for my choir rehearsal. In my rush to pack my things I did not overlook the teens that were still crashed out on the floor. Consequently, no one slept until 10 and no one was late to work. I was not the last adult to leave and I did not rush out leaving a HUGE mess. Furthermore, I did not try to pass the blame onto another adult who left me sleeping when he left at 7:45, just 15 minutes before the Lock-in ended. Incidentally, choir rehearsal was not the committment I skipped out on in my previous post about obedience. I did not use said skipped choir rehearsal as my excuse for being irresponsible. Definitely, NOT ME!

Whew! This not me stuff is very freeing!

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