Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Fives.

Five things I'm thankful for...
1. Beautiful older women who become "Grandmas" to my children. Who come with us on outings to help out and have fun!

2. The song "A Baby Changes Everything" because it's true. Jesus changed everything and he still uses babies to change everything. I can tell you my babies have each changed everything in my life, and deepened my relationship with God. And I know that baby Mason is changing everything for his parents and family. Truly, God uses the foolish things of this world to humble the wise.

3. For family traditions that build togetherness and allow us to share Jesus with our children.

4. That gas prices have gone down, down, down to where we can afford to go places again.

5. For a husband that, after all these years (16+), still likes to hold me and kiss me!

Five things I'm in prayer for...
1. My niece and her fiance to be able to hold baby Mason while his heart still beats. And everything, everything surrounding his birth! Tag on here that I'm thankful for String of Pearls.

2. Three marriages.

3. For my dear daughter, that as she enters puberty I will be able to guide her into a healthy, holy view of herself, boys and her relationships with them, and that she will see God's design in our marriage, but also in how He is love and that love as He designed it is a holy sacrament, pleasing to Him not against Him.

4. Identical twin girls in Cambodia.

5. Our nation and God's people in our nation to stand up for their beliefs and in their faith, and not let the religious freedoms our forefathers fought for be gradually stripped away by the minority of unbelievers.

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