Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Day Older.

When life is broken down into hours, it seems bigger and fuller somehow. That is, if you are celebrating. On the 20 of each hour, I think of Mason and wish him a "Happy Birthday" in my heart. I'm sure if you ask his parents they can tell you just how many hours they have held him.

And today Mason's family celebrated his 3rd day! I got to bring my boys over to the house to meet Mason. Iz didn't really know what to think of a baby. He looked a little shell-shocked. Kevin was quiet, which is a definite first for him! The older boys were glad to finally meet Mason, though I really think they would have liked to hold him.

The mood today was decidedly joyful. At least more joyful than sad since they are home with a baby they never expected to bring home. Amber is getting to feed and change her baby, to have her firstborn experience time with his brother, to read to both of her boys at the some time. Things she has been told for the last four and a half months that she would never be able to do. And she is revelling in the joy of it!

All I have to say (besides what I've just said) is PRAISE GOD!

You can't tell it now, but these two boys were exactly the same size at birth!

Had to throw in this picture of this Mommie enjoying this baby!

PS. Just in case you're wondering, Letha was at a birthday party during our Mason "appointment" today. (yes, we have to make appointments so Amber and Brian don't get overwhelmed, good idea huh?) Anyway, she got to hold Mason at the hospital, and the NILMDTS photographer got a picture of her, I was holding the light, so I didn't get it with my camera.


  1. I am with you Karina..Praise God!!

    Please let them know I am praying for them and baby Mason.

    I also plan on praying for you my dear friend.

    HUGS and keep us posted.

  2. the ladies of our church rejoiced today when they heard that Mason is blessing his Mom and dad with so many firsts. It almost makes me giddy the pure blessing that our gracious God has given you all.

    Praying for you all to enjoy this
    "babymoon time" with tiny Mason. He is such an adorable little guy.