Monday, January 26, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I totally do NOT examine everything that happens in my life these days to see how it could possibly fit into a "Not Me!" Monday post. And I do not store them up all week in my head in anticipation. And I would never consider writing a draft and keep adding to it throughout the week. Because I am NOT obsessed with this blog carnival! Nope, not me!

Ok, so I have PCOS, and there's no denying that fact because there's a blinkie on my right hand sidebar that says as much. But PCOS totally doesn't cause me to have embarrassing, black, ugly, facial hair. I wouldn't be self-conscious about even if I did have facial hair. And I never, ever shave my upper lip. And I wouldn't use my "Venus" razor made especially for legs to shave my face. This week I SO did not work so hard to get close to my nose with the large head of my Venus razor that I actually cut myself on the edge of my nostril. That was SO not me! You did NOT just read this, because I would never share about it on my blog!

I am not a bloggy stalker. I so did NOT go to the Selah concert more excited about the possibility of meeting Angie Smith of Bring the Rain than I was about hearing her husband Todd sing! I did not cry from the moment that he mentioned their daughter and continue to cry the rest of the evening. I was not wildly excited when he introduced his wife and asked if there were "Sundays" in the audience. I did not practically RUN to the stage when the "Sundays" were invited up. Understand this: when we were compelled to sing with Selah, I so did not try my very very best to sound awesome knowing that my choir director was sitting in the 3rd row because I had secret hopes that if I sounded good he might someday ask me to sing on the praise team at church. It totally didn't calm my nerves and still my beating heart when I started to sing and get into the music. Uh uh, not me!

I'm a very conscientious mom who has never let her children under the age of 3 eat a)chips, b)nuts or c)hard candy because they are choking hazards (that part is actually true!) So, when I took my baby to get his first haircut and after 5 minutes he started screaming and trying to climb off the dinosaur stool at the kiddie haircut place and the salonist offered to give him a lollipop, I so did not break all my rules and cave in so that he would sit quietly sucking his lollipop for the duration of the haircut. Oh no, that must have been someone else because it certainly was NOT ME!!!

And this...
is NOT my 3 year old who is in as much need of a haircut as the baby, but whom I am not refusing to give a haircut to because I want to grow his hair out to about chin length. I so did not get the idea to do this from Mck Mama's son's (BigMac) previous hairstyle. Nope, not me! Didn't I tell you that I am not a bloggy stalker!?!

Thus concludes this week's edition of "Not Me!" Monday. I hope you had as much fun as I did and I hope you'll post a comment here and join in the fun yourself!


  1. How very awesome you got to meet Angie!!! VERY COOL!!! I too have PCOS and yet, God's blessed me with 3 boys!! :) Loved your post!!

  2. Okay, so my kids eat candy etc, but I am not a mom who lets them eat the lollipops or candy after it's fallen on the floor. No way, that's not me!

  3. Great Not Me's!! Congrats on getting to meet Angie Smith!