Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday.

I've been on a little blogger break, but it's time to break the silence! I've been saving up some great "Not Me!"s for this week. This blog carnival is hosted by Mck Mama and you can read the rules and join the fun over at her place by clicking the above button. If you're here from Mck Mama's site, please post a comment! I love to hear from visitors!

And now, for the fun!!

Since I am waiting for my great nephew to be born, I so did not send my husband and all five kids on a 13 hour journey to his parents' all by himself! He did not take my daughter's best friend also, since there was one empty seat to fill. I would never subject a man to that. Nope, not me!!!

While he was gone I did not fritter away my time. I did not the first day sleep and play video games exclusively. I did not remove the sheets and blankets from our bed to launder them and sleep wrapped in a blanket on a naked bed for the entire rest of the week! How irresponsible that would have been.

I also did not fail to clean out the cat litter even once the entire week and implore him the night he got home to do it for me! Eeew! Not me!

I did not ring in the new year at a friend's house and revel in the opportunity to stay up late without the responsibility of putting children to bed. I certainly didn't state over and over how nice it was to not have to take ownership of any of the screaming children that were there. No sir, I missed my children, painfully and wished they were with me every single minute! That must have been someone else, because is was certainly not me!!

Speaking of staying up late, I did not stay up until past 2 every single night and sleep until at LEAST 9 every single morning. I didn't skip meals and munch on M&M's and Christmas candy all week long. I'm the model of healthy living so that was definitely not me!!

I did not procrastinate and save the 2 tasks I wanted to accomplish until the very last day. Those 2 tasks did not take me all day to finish. One of those tasks was not to put away the cake decorating paraphernalia that has been cluttering my kitchen since late September. I would never live in clutter for that long. Not me!

The other task was not simply to clean my room. It hasn't been 6 months since it was vacuumed or dusted. There has not been a pile of board games and puzzles (6'w X 2'd X 3'h) on the floor by my bed for the last 2 years waiting for me to organize my closet to be able to put it away. Vacuuming did not require that I empty the Dyson 3 times during the process (I did not specify the Dyson vacuum in hopes that someone would comment that the tank was small and thereby asuage me of all guilt!!). I did not finally get rid of 100 plastic hangers that I haven't used in many years because they were teal green and collecting dust. Who lives like that? Surely, not ME!

Finally, one for my dear husband, because he deserves this! :) On the 13 hour trip home one of my 10 year old sons did not get carsick and barf all over my husband's coat. My husband did not pull over and wrap the puke-filled coat into itself and tie it with bungie cords to the luggage rack on top of the car. He did not leave it there overnight with a promise to hose it down first thing in the morning and launder it. Then he most certainly didn't (being the upstanding, go to it man that he is) leave it on my van as he took his car out to run errands. I did not find it still strapped to the luggage rack when I went out to meet him for lunch. And I did NOT leave it untouched when I left, nor completely ignore my neighbor's kind warnings that there was something on top of the car. Can you imagine anything so gross? No, me neither. That was certainly NOT HIM and NOT ME!!!!

A little note of TRUTH: My niece did not have her baby, but I was glad I chose to stay home. I did get some time to scrapbook with her. Since baby Mason could come at any minute, I have no regrets about choosing to stay home. I anticipate his birth and dread it at the same time. Though a break from the hectic responsibilities of a family of 7 was nice, I did miss my family terribly and thought many times how grateful I was that being alone wasn't a permanent state of being for me! I praise God that they made it safely both there and back!


  1. Oh my still laughing (belly laughing) about the puck filled coat. I think my husband would have just tossed it along side of the road.

    Keep me posted on Mason, these last days will be hard on you all. Try to see the beauty in them.

  2. Karina, you are a hoot, sistah! Oh my! Love your Not Me's. Good stuff, girl! I think your hubby and mine are brutha's from anutha mutha! OH MY!

    Thanks for popping over to our blog and entering the giveaway! Best of luck to you!