Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of Miracles and Angels.

There are so many things surrounding Mason's life that we could call miracles, some seem like mere coincidence and others are like God's hand reaching down into our lives to orchestrate the extraordinary. This story is one of the latter.

There were several blankets made for Mason by family and friends. One in particular was a simple, baby blue afghan crocheted by a family friend. Mason spent many hours wrapped in the love of those stitches, and when they sent his tiny body to be cremated he was wrapped in that blanket. The blanket was supposed to come back, but was mistakenly cremated with him.

The friend who made the blanket was desparate to make another for Amber to keep. She spoke to a co-worker about a pattern, explaining the story of Mason and the blanket. The co-worker began to cry. For weeks she had been working on a blanket that she felt strongly she must complete, but did not know why she felt so urgent about it, nor for whom she was making it. When she heard Mason's story, she knew. The angel blanket she had made was for Amber, who had just sent her baby to walk among the angels.

God is good, all the time. I always find such joy in seeing how He prepares the way to comfort us in difficult times. Not only does He know that we must face hardship and pain, but He loves us enough to work out all the details, so as we walk into our future we can see the things he set in motion in our past to comfort us in our present. And that is what miracles are all about!


  1. Hey katrina, This is a very intresting blog, It's such a sad story about Mason and the afgan blanket. But your right in the fact that god leaves little things to comfort us, and just so you know it would be great if you do a tribute tuesday please feel free to pop by my blog anytime and have a read or take part,

  2. There will continue to be miracles all along the way. The important part is to stay in the present and watch for the little gifts that will continue to unfold. There will be stories in the days and months to come of how Mason changed lives. I cannot wait to hear the stories.

    When people make a donation online, there is a comment section that they can say "In memory of Mason". If they chose to mail a check, they can write in the memo line "In Memory of Mason". SOP will send a note to the parents letting them know a donation was made by the _________ family in their baby's memory. These donations mean so much to the families as well as SOP.

    Thank you again for all you have done! I so loved seeing the pictures on this post. You have such a great eye for photos.