Monday, January 12, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday.

Mck Mama is hosting "Not Me!" Monday so we'll join her. You can read all about this fabulously fun blog carnival by clicking the "Not Me!" button above. Follow along and have some fun.

It's been a pretty serious week, but my Daddy taught me that laughter is the best medicine in hard times. So, I'm going to try to pull something out of this past week.

When I got the call that Wednesday would be the day, I did not call my husband in a panic about watching the kids and ask him to take off work. Then I did not think I should instead have called my BFF then proceed to arrange to have her come up to watch my little boys. I was not afraid to ask my friend to come a half an hour earlier because it would make life easier for everyone, and instead make some elaborate plans with my husband, to which my BFF asked if it would be easier if she came a half an hour earlier. Um yeah, that was not me!

I did not forget that my 18 month old had a well visit on Wednesday, and after telling my husband that he could go ahead and work since BFF was coming, I did not ask him to take off work to take the baby to the doctor. I'm not scatter-brained. That just was not me!

I did not make all these arrangements thinking that babies come quickly and I would be needed at the hospital in the morning hours only to be waiting until evening for the call and ending up being home with my husband and my BFF and making it to the doctor's appointment. Nope that was not me!

And I am not so addicted to my computer, blogs and online communities that I carried my laptop with me the whole day. I did not sit in the Chick-fil-A parking lot for 15 minutes using an unsecured network from a nearby hotel to update my facebook. I did not take it to the hospital and stay up late into the night on the hospital's wi-fi to update everyone. I did not take it with me the next night, just in case. And I most certainly did not take my laptop to church with me on Sunday morning to show off pictures of baby Mason that I hadn't had time to print. Is that sacrilegious? No matter because, it was definitely NOT ME!

Oh, and one more thing, as I was rereading and adding italics it did not strike me that I called my laptop an "it" instead of referring to "her" because I have not named my laptop Tabitha. She is not like a friend to me. I did not buy her just because she is pink. She did not get a pretty pink and black&white striped carrying case for Christmas. She doesn't sport her name on a label above her screen, and I did not get asked yesterday morning at church if Tabitha was the name of my computer. Utter silliness, and totally NOT ME!


  1. Karina and Tabitha,
    YOU WON a prize at my blog! Pop on over to see!!!

    The Boren Life

  2. And if I had a laptop, I never would have done that either. ;)

  3. Great not me monday. was very intresting